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Orientation is a two-day program where new students and parents will meet with UCF Faculty, staff and peers. The program will set the foundation for a successful and seamless transition from high school to college.

During the two-day orientation program, students will learn more about the UCF campus, academic offerings, and campus resources that the university provides. Students will meet with a first year academic advisor to discuss academic goals and plan a class schedule. Follow the checklist below to prepare for orientation and make the most of the orientation academic advising experience.

Orientation Checklist

  1. Every major at UCF requires at least one college-level math course; therefore, all students must take the Math Placement Test (MPT) to determine proficiency level and placement for math courses. Students are strongly recommended to complete the MPT prior to attending Orientation; however, the due date to complete the MPT is the Friday before the start of your first semester at UCF. Students who have their MPT results available at Orientation will be able to receive assistance from their academic advisor to select the most appropriate math course. Students who have not taken the MPT by their scheduled Orientation date should expect a delay in registering for a math course at UCF.

  2. If your major requires CHM 2045, Chemistry Fundamentals I, you are required to take the Chemistry Placement Exam.

  3. Get familiar with your MyUCF portal. You will be using MyUCF during orientation to register for classes.

  4. Memorize your NID and UCFID and your NID password. You can find more information on your Identity @ UCF, including a NID password reset tool, from Computer Services & Telecommunications.

  5. Contact your high school to make certain your final high school transcript is sent to UCF Undergraduate Admissions. If they do not receive this document it may prevent you from registering for future coursework after Orientation.

  6. Complete your Honor Your Knighthood Program.

  7. If you are anticipating receiving any form of college credit through AP, IB, AICE or dual enrollment, make sure that this documentation is sent to the UCF Undergraduate Admissions. Dual enrollment credit must be sent from the community college or institution that is conferring the credit.

    • As your orientation date draws closer, your academic advising office will be sending you an Academic History Questionnaire (AHQ) via email. Please complete the ASQ by the specified deadline with all completed and anticipated incoming credit.

    • You can find a full listing of accelerated educational opportunities for AP, IB, AICE, DANTES, Excelsior, and CLEP in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog.

  8. Complete the Immunization forms required by the Student Health Services Office. Failure to complete the necessary forms may prevent you from registering for your classes during orientation.

  9. Familiarize yourself with your major requirements for your intended major. Suggested four-year plans can be found in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog.

    At minimum, we recommend you print out the pages of the UCF Undergraduate Catalog pertinent to your major(s) of choice and bring them with you to Orientation.

  10. Prepare an ideal schedule for your summer and/or fall semesters. Make sure you take into account work, travel and family schedules. First time in college students should take a minimum of 12 credit hours (full-time status) to 15 credit hours in their first semester (fall or spring). When you are finalizing your schedule during orientation, your academic advisor will approve your plan of study. A student cannot register for classes at orientation until they have approval from the academic advisor.

  11. Review the class offerings available through MyUCF. Please know that all class seats may not appear to be open when you are reviewing the website. We open new seats in classes at each orientation. If you are attending an orientation program later in the summer, we continue to open new seats through the last orientation in August.

Orientation Students